Europe Universalis 2 Cheats

Various Codes

When in game press F12, type the cheat, press enter and then press ctrl + F12 to close the window.

Code Effect
swift 10000 People added to capitol
pocahontas 6 Colonists
vatican 6 Diplomats
dagama 6 Traders
richelieu Allows you to control all armies in the world (Toggle ON/OFF)
event 99035 Army investement +5000
event 99026 Better relations with ten nations
robespierre Change domestic policy at any time
event 94003 Conversion of a random province to your state religion
event 94030 Free Manufactory in a random province
event 99044 Gain +4 manpower
event 99040 Gain 40 warships
event 99038 Gain 40000 infantry and 160 artillery
event 94029 Gain a Conquistador and 2 colonists
event 94070 Gain an Explorer and 2 colonists
montezuma Give +50000 ducats
event 99070 Improved forts in 8 provinces
event 94013 Increased monarch stats
peterthegreat Infinite troops/ships
event 99086 More tax in four random provinces
event 99036 Navy investement +5000
columbus Reveal the whole map
oranje Sets Stability to +3
alba Toggles revolts on and off.