Unreal 1

Cheat Codes

During play, press ~ , and enter the following codes, afterwards, press enter again to verify them:

Code Effect
behindview 0 1st Person Mode
behindview 1 3rd Person Mode
addbots <Number> Adds the selected amount of bots to the game. There is no limit but too many will cause a crash.
slowmo (1.0-10.0) Adjust the game speed.(Default is 1.0)
say <Message String> Broadcasts the desired message to other players.
amphibious Can’t Drown
walk Disable Fly/Ghost Modes
fly Fly Mode(Press Jump)
playersonly Freeze all Enemies
allammo Full Ammo
summon amplifier Gives Amplifier
summon jumpboot Gives Anti-grav Boots
summon armor Gives Armor
summon gesbiorifle Gives Bio Rifle
summon flakcannon Gives Flak Cannon
summon flashlight Gives Flashlight
summon superhealth Gives Health Keg
summon health Gives Health Pack
summon minigun Gives Minigun
summon dispersionpistol Gives Pistol
summon razorjack Gives Razorjack
summon eightball Gives Rocket Launcher
summon scubagear Gives Scuba Gear
summon shieldbelt Gives Shield
summon asmd Gives Shock Rifle
summon rifle Gives Sniper Rifle
summon searchlight Gives Stronger Flashlight
god God Mode
flush If you start getting weird garbage graphics on wall textures or creatures, type this to fix it.
killpawnsbot Kill All Bots(Multiplayer)
killpawns Kill All Enemies
suicide Kill Yourself Instantly
suicide kills yourself instantly
ghost No Clipping
open [mapname] Opens Desired Map
Preferences opens up the advanced options menu where you can change your settings like drivers, sounds, unreal.ini, serverpackages, and more
feigndeath Play Dead
summon nali Spawns a Nali
summon quadshot spawns a Quad Shotgun (unusable weapon taken out of the final game)
summon tree su8mmons a tree
summon thrownbody summon a body in the thrown animation
summon cryopod summon a cryogenic pod
summon femaletwocarcass summon another female carcass
summon weaponpowerup Summon Dispersion Pistol Powerup
summon upak.frozenmesh summons a “frozen” nali corpse[unreal gold only]
summon babycow summons a babycow
summon barrel summons a barrel
summon barrelsludge summons a barrel full of sludge
summon tarydiumbarrel summons a barrel of tarydium
summon biterfish summons a biterfish
summon blob summons a blob
summon bloodblob summons a blob of blood
summon bluebook summons a blue book
summon boulder summons a boulder
summon box summons a box
summon brutecarcass summons a brute carcass
summon cavemanta Summons a CaveManta
summon chair summons a chair
summon chest summons a chest
summon femalemasterchunk summons a chunk of a gibbed female
summon malemasterchunk summons a chunk of a gibbed male
summon nalimasterchunk summons a chunk of a gibbed nali
summon skaarjmasterchunk summons a chunk of a gibbed skaarj
summon upak.dyingnali summons a d
summon deadchairmale summons a dead male in a chair-like position
summon devilfish summons a devil fish
summon flag2 summons a different flag
summon flag1 summons a different flag
summon flag3 summons a different flag
summon lamp4 summons a different lamp
summon upak.scoutshp summons a different ship[unreal gold only]
summon lantern2 summons a different type of lantern
summon leg2 summons a different type of leg
summon drip summons a drip of blood
summon fan2 summons a fan
summon femaleonecarcass summons a femal carcass
summon femalehead summons a female gibbed head
summon femaleonebot summons a female one skin bot
summon femaletwobot summons a female two skin bot
summon flagb summons a flag
summon fly summons a fly
summon fly Summons a Fly
summon bubblegenerator summons a generato making bubbles
summon dripgenerator summons a generator of contious blood drips
summon giantmanta Summons a GiantManta
summon creaturemasterchunk summons a gibbed monster chunk
summon greenbook summons a green book
summon pheart summons a heart
summon iceskaarj Summons a IceSkaarj
summon knife summons a knife
summon krall Summons a Krall
summon krallcarcass summons a krallcarcass
summon krallelite Summons a KrallElite
summon lamp summons a lamp
summon lantern summons a lantern
summon hugecannon summons a large cannon
summon leg1 summons a leg
summon lesserkrall Summons a LesserKrall
summon liver summons a liver
summon malehead summons a male gibbed head
summon maleonebot summons a male one skin bot
summon malethreebot summons a male three skin bot
summon maletwobot summons a male two skin bot
summon manta Summons a Manta
summon mantacarcass summons a manta carcass
summon upak.marinebox summons a marine box [uneal gold only]
summon upak.marinedropbox summons a marine box[same as marine box but was made to be dropped [unreal gold only]]
summon upak.meltedputtle summons a melted puddle[unreal gold only]
summon mercenary Summons a Mercenary
summon mercenaryelite Summons a MercenaryElite
summon moon summons a moon
summon nalipriest summons a nali priest
summon upak.naliskel summons a nali skeloten[ unreal gold only]
summon upak.copter summons a nali that does i dont know what[unreal gold only]
summon plant1 summons a plant
summon plant3 summons a plant
summon plant4 summons a plant
summon plant2 summons a plant
summon playerchunks summons a player chunk
summon pupae Summons a Pupae ( spider)
summon queen Summons a Queen
summon book summons a red book
summon camerabook summons a red book[i still dont know what effect this does]
summon rocket summons a rocket
summon biterfishschool summons a school of biterfish
summon upak.scoutship summons a ship[unreal gold only]
summon sign1 summons a sign
summon skaarjassassin Summons a Skaarj Assassin
summon skaarjberserker summons a skaarj berserker
summon skaarjgunner Summons a Skaarj Gunner
summon skaarjgunner summons a skaarj gunner
summon skaarjinfantry Summons a Skaarj infantry
summon skaarjlord Summons a Skaarj Lord
summon skaarjlord summons a skaarj lord
summon skaarjofficer Summons a Skaarj Officer
summon skaarjscout Summons a Skaarj Scout
summon skaarjsniper Summons a Skaarj Sniper
summon skaarjtrooper Summons a Skaarj Trooper
summon skaarjwarrior Summons a Skaarj Warrior
summon skaarjwarrior Summons a Skaarj Warrior
summon panel summons a skull that can you can walk thru
summon introship summons a small blue ship
summon cannon summons a small cannon
summon upak.scoutpad summons a small lever[unreal gold only]
summon escapepod summons a small ship
summon smallsteelbox Summons a small steel box
summon smallwire summons a small wire
summon sconce summons a sonce that is made for holding fire
summon squid summons a Squid (enemy not found in the final game)
summon steelbox summons a steel box
summon stomach summons a stomach
summon stonetitan summons a stonetitan
summon table summons a table
summon tapestry1 summons a tapestry with markings on it
summon thigh summons a thigh
summon titan summons a titan
summon tree10 summons a tree
summon tree5 summons a tree
summon tree7 summons a tree
summon tree9 summons a tree
summon tree1 summons a tree
summon tree2 summons a tree
summon tree12 summons a tree
summon tree11 summons a tree
summon tree4 summons a tree
summon tree3 summons a tree
summon tree8 summons a tree
summon warlord summons a WarLord
summon wire summons a wire
summon yellowbook summons a yellow book
summon arm1 summons an arm
summon arrow summons an arrow
summon sludgebarrel summons an explosive barrel of sludge
summon iceskaarj summons an ice skaarj
summon moon2 summons another type of moon
summon moon3 summons another type of moon
summon gasbag summons gas bag
summon infiltration.infil_grenade summons grenade
summon infiltration.infil_hk69 summons hk 69 grenade launcher
summon dice summons krall dice
summon infiltration.infil_M9 summons M9 pistol
summon infiltration.infil_robar summons robar sniper rifle
summon seaweed summons sea weed
summon infiltration.infil_shotgun summons shot gun
summon skaarjsniper summons skaarj sniper
summon queen summons the Queen
summon tree6 summonsa a tree
set (an item) charge 9999999999 will give u infinite charge for the item u picked
killall (pawn) will make the desired monster disappear
pause will pause the game,press again to deactivate
summon (pawn)carcass will show the desired pawn dead
summon book will summon a book
summon monkstatue will summon a statue of a monk
summon nali statue will summon a statue of a nali
summon urn will summon an urn

Unreal 2

Unreal II Codes

Press ~ during game play and enter the following codes. Type “Bemymonkey” to activate cheat mode.

Code Effect
behindview 1 for 3rd person view, 0 for normal 1st person
freecamera 1 to enable free camera movement, 0 to disable
ghost Activate Noclip mode
loaded All weapons
toggleservos Animation Servos
difficulty(number) Change Game Difficulty
ManCannon(number) Damage All Visible Pawns
ToggleSpeed Double Speed
togglehud Enable/disable Heads-Up Display
phoenix Enable/disable Phoenix Powersuit
fly Flight Mode
EnableFreeOrders(0 or 1) Free Orders
ToggleFreezeView Freeze View
GibHitNPC Gib NPC Under Crosshair
Allammo Gives 999 ammo
GodEx (actor) God Mode For Selected Actor
HurtMe (number) Harm Player A Specific Amount
ToggleImpacts Impacts
KillHitActor Kill Actor Under Crosshair
killactivenpcs Kill all active NPC entities
killdormantnpcs Kill all dormant NPC entities
KillActor (actor) Kill Indicated Actor
KillHitNPC Kill NPC Under Crosshairs
Actors List All Actors
Open (map name) Map Select
walk Normal movement (deactivates noclip or fly mode)
PO Players Only
ToggleRMode Rmode
ToggleScoreBoard Scoreboard
CheatView (actor) See View From Indicated Actor
SetCameraDist (number) Set Camera Distance
SetJumpZ (number) Set Jump Height
SetParticleDestiny (number) Set Particle Destiny
SetEyeHeight Set Player Eye Height
SetMyHealth(number) Set Player Health
ChangeSize(number) Set Player Size
SetSpeed (number) Set Player Speed
ToggleShowAll Show Hidden Actors
ToggleShowKPs Show Keypoints
ToggleShowNPs Show Navigation Points
ShowTeams Show Player Teams
SloMo (number) Slow Motion
Sum (item name) Spawn Indicated Item
DamageNPCs (number) Specify Damage to NPCs
Damage (number, target) Specify Damage to Target
SetHealth (number, Target) Specify Health to Target
Goodies (number, number) Summon Array of Goodies
ViewSelf Target Camera on Player
teleport Teleport to location at crosshairs
ToggleTimeDemo Time Demo
Bemymonkey Toggle Cheat Mode
God Toggle God Mode
Toggleinfiniteammo Toggle Infinite Ammo
ToggleInvisibility Toggle Invisiblity
ToggleReloads Toggle Reloads
Invisible [1 or 0] Turn on (1) or turn off (0) invisibility
SetWeaponTrick [1 or 0] Turn weapon trick on or off
Amphibious Underwater Mode
nextlevel Warp to next map level
SetWeaponFire (0 or 1) Weapon Firing

Spawning enemies and allies

First, use the ”bemymonkey” (it is not case sensitive) command to enable cheats. Then use the ”sum” command to spawn one of the entities in this list.

For example, ”sum u2pawns.u2izarian” would spawn an Izarian with an energy rifle. This takes a few seconds to activate.

Here’s the entire list.

Code Effect
U2Pawns.Aida Aida
U2Pawns.U2AraknidHeavy Araknid Heavy
U2Pawns.U2AraknidLight Araknid Light
U2Pawns.U2AraknidMedium Araknid Medium
U2Pawns.U2Bat Bat
U2Pawns.U2Bellowfish Bellowfish
U2Pawns.U2Chiton Chiton
U2Pawns.U2CivilianScientist Civilian Scientist
U2Pawns.U2CleaningBot Cleaning Bot
U2Pawns.U2Cockroach Cockroach
U2Pawns.U2ColonistHumanFemaleA Colonist Human Female A
U2Pawns.U2ColonistHumanMaleA Colonist Human Male A
U2Pawns.U2Cyprid Cyprid
U2Pawns.U2Diver Diver
U2Pawns.U2DrakkBoss Drakk Boss
U2Pawns.U2DrakkDroid Drakk Droid
U2Pawns.U2DrakkLight Drakk Light
U2Pawns.U2DrakkMedium Drakk Medium
U2Pawns.U2FlyingSnake Flying Snake
U2Pawns.U2Forager Forager
U2Pawns.U2Hummer Hummer
U2Pawns.U2IceWorm Ice Worm
U2Pawns.Isaak Isaak
U2Pawns.U2Izarian Izarian
U2Pawns.U2Jellyfish Jellyfish
U2Pawns.U2KaiClothed Kai Clothed
U2Pawns.U2KillerSprout Killer Sprout
U2Pawns.U2KillerTadpole Killer Tadpole
U2Pawns.U2NStriderLarge Large Strider
U2Pawns.U2MarineHeavy Marine Heavy
U2Pawns.U2MarineLight Marine Light
U2Pawns.U2MarineMedium Marine Medium
U2Pawns.U2MegaParata Mega Parata
U2Pawns.U2MegaSnipe Mega Snipe
U2Pawns.U2MercFemMedium Mercenary Femaie Medium
U2Pawns.U2MercFemHeavy Mercenary Female Heavy
U2Pawns.U2MercFemLight Mercenary Female Light
U2Pawns.U2MercJapHeavy Mercenary Jap Heavy
U2Pawns.U2MercJapLight Mercenary Jap Light
U2Pawns.U2MercJapMedium Mercenary Jap Medium
U2Pawns.U2MiniMukhogg Mini Mukhogg
U2Pawns.Neban Neban
U2Pawns.U2Parata Parata
U2Pawns.U2PinwheelFish Pinwheel Fish
U2Pawns.RaffTrainingBot Raff Training Bot
U2Pawns.U2Rammer Rammer
U2Pawns.U2RepairBot Repair Bot
U2Pawns.U2Schoolfish Schoolfish
U2Pawns.U2Seagoat Seagoat
U2Pawns.U2SentryBot Sentry Bot
U2Pawns.U2ShianWarrior Shian Warrior
U2Pawns.U2ShianWorker Shian Worker
U2Pawns.U2SkaarjHeavy Skaarj Heavy
U2Pawns.U2SkaarjLight Skaarj Light
U2Pawns.U2SkaarjMedium Skaarj Medium
U2Pawns.U2NStriderSmall Small Strider
U2Pawns.U2Snipe Snipe
U2Pawns.U2SpecialCivilian Special Civilian
U2Pawns.U2Spore Spore
U2Pawns.U2Tosc Tosc
U2Pawns.U2TubeWorm Tube Worm
U2Pawns.U2Uglyfish Uglyfish
U2Pawns.U2WaterDipper Water Dipper

Hidden Message

Go inside of Isaak’s work area. Behind where Isaak stands to brief you on your weapons is a wall; follow the wall left until it ends. You’ll be looking at a corner of the room and a desktop (which will hold several artifacts later in the game). Turn around and crouch; nearby on your right is a rectangular piece of machinery on the floor. Look closely at it near the top to see a hidden message!


Lincoln’s Distress Signal

The first time you are on the Atlantis, head forward from your ship. Climb up the ladder and head to the left, then turn around. Walk down the hallway until you see a panel on the floor which can be opened. Inside you will see a small animal called a ”Seagoat”. ”Talk” to it with the Use key and answer it’s questions in the following order:

(1) Spam

(3) Spam

(2) Spam

(3) Humbug

The Seagoat will then disappear and the text ”Lincoln is pleased” will appear. Head down to the briefing room and talk to Aida to begin the briefing. When she shows you the distress signal she received, it will show Abraham Lincoln’s face instead of the usual marine, and say ”Lincoln A” in the corner of the message.

View Dance party and balloon mania

Dance party:

Make sure you save your game before trying out this trick, You’ll need your saved game to keep on playing after doing this trick.

After saving while still playing the game, type the open atlantis?missioncompleted=83 cheat and press [Enter]. This will load a secret interlude that features lots of Sea Goats dancing on the bridge of the Atlantis, with balloons and a shiny Unreal Logo.

Balloon Mania
make sure you save your game before before trying out this trick, You’ll need your saved game to resume play after doing this trick.

At any time while playing the game, type the open atlantis?missioncompleted=110276 cheat and press [Enter]. This will load a secret interlude. This time, it is in your cabin/living quarters. They are filled with floating Sea Goat and Lincoln balloons. There are more balloons outside your cabin.


Unreal Tournament

Cheat Commands

Press ”~” after turning on cheats(enter iamtheone in the console) and type:

Codes Effect
behindview 0 1st Person Mode
behindview 1 3rd Person Mode
addbots (number) Adds the specified number of bots
loaded All Weapons
Walk Disable Flight and Enable Clipping
fly Flight Mode
playersonly Freezes all non-player charatcers (bots).
summon chainsaw Gives you the Chainsaw
god Invincibility
killpawns Kill All Enemies
allammo Maximum Ammo
ghost No Clipping
open X Opens map, where “X” is the name of the map.
slomo (1.0-10.0) Set Game Speed. Default is 1.0
summon impacthammer Summons the Impact Hammer.
summon supershockrifle Summons the Instagib.
summon razorjack Summons the Ripper.
Setjumpz # Type any number 1 or higher where “#” is, and your jump height will change. You don’t get hurt no matter how high you set your jump.
say X Your character says a message, where “X” is the message.

Boss Skin

Unlockable Unlockable
Beat the Unreal Tournament campaign on any difficulty. Boss Skin


Codes Effect
relic:strength doubles wepon power
relic:speed improves your speed
relic:vengance kills anything in blast radius after the person who collect\’s it, dies
relic:defence lets you take more hits
relic:regeneration regenerates health
relic:redemption transports player to a safe location after health goes to 0

Weapons Cheat List

To get a weapon wherever you want, press ‘~’ to bring up your console, then type in the names below. the weapon DOES respawn after a while in the same place.- Remember – just type in loaded to get all weapons.

Codes Effect
doubleenforcer enforcer x2
ut_flakcannon flak cannon
minigun2 minigun
pulsegun pulse gun
warheadlauncher redeemer
shockrifle shock rifle
sniperrifle sniper rifle
ut_biorifle the biorifle
chainsaw the chainsaw
ut_eightball the eightball

Record\View demos

ou can record a demo of yourself playing the game and then play and show it to your friends or view it for your enjoyment. Press space after the record\play commands and specify a name for the demo you want to record or play. Note that a demo will stop recording once a match ends but you can stop it yourself before that, if you wish.

Codes Effect
Demoplay (specify name) Plays a prerecorded demo. Specify the demo’s name after the command without the brackets.
Demorec (specify name) Records a demo. Specify a name after the command without the brackets.
Stopdemo Stops recording of current demo.

Various pickups

Codes Effect
Summon medbox Summon a Health Pack +20.
Summon healthvial Summons a Health Vial +5.


If you’re low on ammo and there isn’t any around you can summon it for the weapon you want. Press the ~ key to bring the console up and type in the following:

Codes Effect
Summon miniammo Summons 50 bullets.
Summon eclip Summons a clip.
Summon pammo Summons a pulse cell.
Summon rocketpack Summons a rocket pack.
Summon Shockcore Summons a shock core.
Summon bioammo Summons Biosludge.
Summon flakammo Summons Flak Cannon shells.
Summon bladehopper Summons Razor Blades.
Summon bulletbox Summons Sniper rifle ammo.

Creature Summoning

Open the console menu, and if there’s enough room around you, type in a code to summon up a monster (including the Squid monster that was never used in the final version of Unreal) or a hidden cast of bot players from the original.

Codes Effect
summon.unreali.babycow Summons a Baby Cow
summon.unreali.bird1 Summons a bird that flies around
summon.unreali.maleonebot Summons a bot player from the original Unreal
summon.unreali.maletwobot Summons a bot player from the original Unreal
summon.unreali.malethreebot Summons a bot player from the original Unreal
summon.unreali.femaleonebot Summons a bot player from the original Unreal
summon.unreali.femaletwobot Summons a bot player from the original Unreal
summon.unreali.brute Summons a Brute
summon.unreali.cow Summons a Cow
summon.unreali.cavemanta Summons a flying manta
summon.unreali.giantgasbag Summons a giant gasbag
summon.unreali.krall Summons a Krall
summon.unreali.mercenary Summons a Mercenary
summon.unreali.nalipriest Summons a Nali Priest
summon.unreali.biterfishschool Summons a school of biting fish (they flop around outside of water)
summon.unreali.devilfish Summons a Shark
summon.unreali.pupae Summons a Skaarj Pupae
summon.unreali.skaarjplayerbot Summons a Skaarj that plays like a bot
summon.unreali.squid Summons a Squid (Hidden enemy that was removed from the final game)
summon.unreali.tentacle Summons a Tentacle
summon.unreali.deadbodyswarm Summons some flies

Unreal Tournament 2003

Console Codes

Press ~ to bring up the console and type in:

Code Effect
BEHINDVIEW 1 3rd Person View
add bots <integer #> Add indicated number of bots
Walk After using ghost/fly mode, this will return you to normal walking
LOADED All Weapons
allweapons All weapons
loaded All weapons + full ammo
Amphibious Allows you breathe underwater
suicide Commit suicide
open <IP address or map name> Connect to server or load map
ViewBot Cycles the camera through bots
ChangeSize # Decimal values less than 1 will decrease player size and greater than 1 will increase player size.
stat none Disable statistics display
stat all Display all statistics
stat game Display game statistics
FLY Flying
GOD God mode
ALLAMMO Infinite Ammo
KillPawns Kill all actor pawns except the player
killallpawns [class] Kill all pawns in that class
killall [class] Kill everyone in that class
KillViewedActor Kills the actor the camera is centered on. DO NOT KILL YOURSELF as it can lock up the game!
STAT FPS Lets you see your Frames Per Second
Lock Camera Locks the camera in it’s current position
PlayersOnly Makes the level a player only level
setspeed [floating point number] Multiply speed by indicated number
GHOST No Clipping
freezeframe <floating point #> Pause the game for indicated duration
avatar [class] Posess a pawn of that class
demorec <filename> Record demo
setfogb <floating point #> Set blue color component of fog
setcameradist [floating point number] Set distance from camera to target
setgravity [floating point number] Set gravitational pull
setfogg <floating point #> Set green color component of fog
setjumpz [floating point number] Set jump height
setfogr <floating point #> Set red color component of fog
setflash <floating point #> Set the duration a screen flash takes to fade away
JumpMatch ## Set the first # to the desired ladder number and the second # to the desired rung number
STAT NET Shows you your statistics online
SLOMO # Slo-Motion
summon [item] Spawn indicated item
stopdemo Stop recording current demo
Teleport Teleports you to where your crosshair is pointing
open vehicledemo Test Vehicle – Type in the console ”use” without the quotes, to get into the vehicle
summon vehicles.bulldog Test Vehicle – Type in the console ”use” without the quotes, to get into the vehicle
invisible [true or false] Toggle invisibility
playersonly Toggle level to players only
logsciptedsequences Toggle logging for all scripted sequences
cheatview [actor] Toggle view to actor
causeevent <event name> Trigger the indicated event
freecamera [true or false] Unlock camera from player
ViewFlag View from where the flag is at
viewactor [actor] View indicated actor
viewclass [player] View indicated class
viewplayer [player] View indicated player
SkipMatch Win the current match and advance in the ladder in single player
listdynamicactors Write all dynamic actors to log file

Unlocking Brock, Lauren, and Malcolm

Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock the boss characters for play.


Bots with game developer names

If you input your name as ”CliffyB” (without the quote marks) and play an Instant Action game against bots, the bots will have the names of the Epic Games developers.

Hidden picture of Cliffy B (Lead Designer at Epic Games )

During a game on the map Asbestos go to the room with the lightning gun and up onto the raised balcony. If you stand exactly where the four adrenaline pills are located and look directly up you will see a tall narrow alcove in the ceiling against the wall. You need to shoot the ceiling in the alcove five times.

You know you have shot it correctly as the text ”ownage” will be displayed with each shot. With the fifth shot you need to run as fast as you can down the ramp to your right, past the string of five health vials and down the narrow corridor. When you reach the small room at the end of the corridow look up at the top part of the wall above the shock rifle, opposite the corridor you just came down.

If you are quick enough a picture of Cliffy B with the text ”Miss me?” below it will be revealed from behind a sliding wall. You have to run quickly as the wall will slide back to hide him approximately seven seconds after the fifth shot.

 Unlock Malcom, Lauren and Brock the EASY way

Warining: This cheat involves editing the contents of your ut2003.ini file. Improper editing could cause the game to stop functioning properly. It is best to create a backup file before you perform this cheat.
Add the following lines into your ut2003.ini file:


Unreal Tournament 2004

Various Console Commands

When playing press ~ and enter the following:

Code Effect
behindview 0 1st person view
behindview 1 3rd person view
allammo 999 Ammo For Every Weapon
addbots # add the numbers of bots specified
loaded All weapons
allweapons all weapons(not full ammunition)
stat audio audio stats
FOV # changes “Field of View” to specified number (in degrees)
setname (name) changes player name
setres WxHxD (example – 800x600x32) Changes resolution to the specified values
switchteam changes team
suicide commits suicide
summon xeffects.redeemerexplosion creates a harmless redeemer explosion
stat all displays all stats
enablecheats Enables you to use cheats
quit exits game entirely
exit Exits the game entirely
playersonly freeze time (type again to unfreeze)
set AdrenalinePickup RespawnTime 5 From now on, any picked-up adrenaline will respawn in 5 seconds
stat game game statistics
god Infinite Health
killbots kills all bots
skipmatch loses match and loses credits you have
set SuperShieldPack DrawScale 5.0 Make super shield pick-ups look five times bigger. Replace 5.0 with a reasonable scale. Default is 1 (one). Use values less than 1 to shrink the thing
changesize # Makes your character bigger or smaller, if in a vehicle, it makes the vehicle bigger or smaller.
stat net network play statistics
open (mapname) opens specified map
playvehiclehorn 1 Plays a funny horn sound, different for each vehicle. Note: You must be in the vehicle when entering this command.
setgravity # set amount of gravity
setjumpz # set height of jumps
setspeed # set speed of gameplay
stat fps shows “Frames per Second”
slomo # slow motion
summon XPickups.HealthPack spawn a health pack (25 health)
summon XPickups.ShieldPack spawn a shield pack (50 armor)
summon XPickups.SuperHealthPack spawn a super health pack
summon XPickups.SuperShieldPack spawn a super shield
summon XPickups.UDamagePack spawn a udamage
summon XPickups.MiniHealthPack spawn a vial of health (5 health)
summon XPickups.AdrenalinePickup spawn an adrenaline
summon xweapons.redeemerpickup spawns a redeemer
summon xweapons.assaultriflepickup spawns assault rifle
summon onslaught.onsavrilpickup spawns AVRiL
summon xweapons.bioriflepickup spawns bio rifle
summon xweapons.flakcannonpickup spawns flak cannon
summon onslaught.onsgrenadepickup spawns Grenade Launcher
summon xweapons.painterpickup spawns ion painter
summon xweapons.sniperriflepickup spawns lightning gun
summon xweapons.linkgunpickup spawns link gun
summon onslaught.onsminelayerpickup spawns Mine Layer
summon xweapons.minigunpickup spawns minigun
summon xweapons.rocketlauncherpickup spawns rocket launcher
summon xweapons.shieldgunpickup spawns Shield Gun
summon xweapons.shockriflepickup spawns shock rifle
summon utclassic.classicsniperriflepickup spawns Sniper Rifle
summon Onslaught.ONSHoverTank Summon a Goliath
summon Onslaught.ONSPRV Summon a Hellbender
summon xweapons.supershockriflepickup summon a instagib shock rifle
summon OnslaughtFull.ONSMobileAssaultStation Summon a Leviathan Tank
summon Onslaught.ONSHoverBike Summon a Manta
summon Onslaught.ONSAttackCraft Summon a Raptor
summon Onslaught.ONSRV Summon a Scorpion
summon OnslaughtFull.ONSHoverTank_IonPlasma Summon an Ion Plasma Tank
summon onslaughtfull.onsbomber summons a dragonfly bomber
summon skaarjpack.fireskaarj Summons a Fire Skaarj
summon skaarjpack.fireskaarj Summons a fire skaarj
summon skaarjpack.gasbag Summons a gasbag
summon skaarjpack.krall Summons a krall
summon xeffects.tankvictim summons a mangled body
summon skaarjpack.manta Summons a manta ( monster )
summon skaarjpack.skaarj Summons a normal skaarj
summon skaarjpack.razorfly Summons a razorfly
summon xweapons.shockprojectile summons a shock ball
summon SkaarjPack.skaarj summons a skaarj
summon skaarjpack.skaarjpupae Summons a skaarj pupae
summon skaarjpack.elitekrall Summons an elite krall
summon skaarjpack.iceskaarj Summons an ice skaarj
summon SkaarjPack.iceskaarj summons an ice skaarj
summon skaarjpack.monster Summons an unequiped human
summon onslaughtfull.onsautobomberbomb summons one of the bombs dropped by the pheonix bomber when you use the target painter
summon OnslaughtFull.ONSGenericSD Summons the toilet car
togglefullscreen switchs between fullscreen and windowed mode
walk tunrs fly off; you will fall from the sky.
stat none turn off stats
ghost Turns off clipping and gravity for the player
Ampibious Underwater Breathing
winmatch wins the match your currently playing
fly You character can fly through the air as though you are in “flyby” mode.
teleport You will be teleported to the location on your crosshairs.

Adrenaline Combos

When your adrenaline reaches 100, you can put in these codes to gain temporary bonuses:

Code Effect
Right, Right, Right, Right. Camouflage
Left, Left, Left, Left. Character model shrinks
Up, Up, Up, Up Faster Movement Speed
Up, Up, Down, Down Faster Rate of Fire
Right, Right, Left, Left Invisibility
Down, Down, Down, Down Regeneration

Ballistic Weapons 2.0 Summon Codes

Use these summoning codes in the console menu midgame to summon the weapon you typed in. Also, the final code is an overall code for all Ballistic Weapons.

Code Effect
Reloaded All BW2.0 guns, and 999 ammo for all guns, including M900 (M50) grenades
Summon BallisticV2.FP9Pickup Summon FP9A5 Explosive Device (Laser Tripmine)
Summon BallisticV2.A42Pickup Summons A42 Skirth Sidearm
Summon BallisticV2.A73Pickup Summons A73 Skirth Rifle
Summon BallisticV2.A909Pickup Summons A909 Skirth Blades
Summon BallisticV2.AM67Pickup Summons AM67 Assault Pistol
Summon BallisticV2.BX5Pickup Summons BX-5 Landmine
Summon BallisticV2.D49Pickup Summons D49 Revolver
Summon BallisticV2.EKS43Pickup Summons EKS43 Katana
Summon BallisticV2.Fifty9Pickup Summons Fifty-9 Machine Pistol
Summon BallisticV2.FP7Pickup Summons FP7 Incendiary Grenades
Summon BallisticV2.G5Pickup Summons G5 RPG Launcher
Summon BWBPTwoV2.HVCPickup Summons HVC-Mk9 Lightning Gun
Summon BallisticV2.M290Pickup Summons M290 Double Barreled Shotgun
Summon BallisticV2.M353Pickup Summons M353 Machinegun
Summon BallisticV2.M50Pickup Summons M50 Assault Rifle
Summon BallisticV2.M75Pickup Summons M75-TIC Railgun
Summon BallisticV2.M763Pickup Summons M763 Shotgun
Summon BallisticV2.M806Pickup Summons M806A2 Pistol
Summon BallisticV2.M925Pickup Summons M925 Machinegun
Summon BWBPOneV2.MRS138Pickup Summons MRS138 Tactical Shotgun
Summon BallisticV2.MRT6Pickup Summons MRT6 Shotgun Pistol
Summon BallisticV2.NRP57Pickup Summons NRP57 “Pineapple” Frag Grenade
Summon BallisticV2.R78Pickup Summons R78A1 Sniper Rifle
Summon BWBPOneV2.RS8Pickup Summons RS8 10MM Pistol
Summon BallisticV2.RX22APickup Summons RX22A Flamethrower
Summon BWBPThreeV2.SRS900Pickup Summons SRS900 Battle Rifle
Summon BallisticV2.T10Pickup Summons T10 Toxin Gas Grenade
Summon BallisticV2.X3Pickup Summons X3 Knife
Summon BallisticV2.XK2Pickup Summons XK2 Submachinegun
Summon BallisticV2.XMV850Pickup Summons XMV-850 Minigun
Summon BWBPOneV2.XRS10Pickup Summons XRS-10 Machine Pistol

New Vehicle Codes

Use these codes with the ~ console or with the Tab quick console. These codes WILL NOT WORK if you do not have the Editor’s Choice/Mega Bonus Pack Vehicles (Vehicles listed here). You can download the Battle Pack from the Official UT site or Gamespot.

Code Effect
summon OnslaughtBP.ONSDualAttackCraft summons the “Cicada” Bomber
summon OnslaughtBP.ONSShockTank summons the “Paladin” Defensive Energy Tank
summon OnslaughtBP.ONSArtillery summons the “SPMA” Artillery Unit

Record a demo of your game

Open up the console during gameplay, and enter the following code to record a demo of what you are playing. Enter the code following that to stop recording the demo. (The demo will also stop if the current game ends, or you quit playing the game) You can play this demo by clicking on the Community on the main menu, and going to the Demos tab. From there you can create an AVI of the demo, or watch it within the game.

Code Effect
Demorec (name) Records a demo of your current game, the (name) is the name the demo will be saved under in the UT2004/Demos folder
StopDemo Stops recording the demo

Summon Fighters

Start up an instant action game. Try to do it in a very open map, such as OS-Dria or OS-Dawn. Open the console (~) and type Playersonly and hit enter. This freezes everyone in the game but you. This is necessary because the fighters will fly forward even when you aren’t in them. Once you enter the codes below, get in (the vehicle will start moving, so be ready) and type Playersonly again to unfreeze everyone.

Code Effect
summon ut2k4assaultfull.asvehicle_spacefighter_human Summons a Human space fighter in front of you
summon ut2k4assaultfull.asvehicle_spacefighter_skaarj Summons a Skarrj space fighter in front of you

Hidden Voice Commands

Speak the following using a mic to make the named bot perform the associated action:

Password Effect
<Bot name> Suicide Named bot will commit suicide
<Bot name> Dance Named bot will dance
<Bot name> Jump Named bot will jump up and down
<Bot name> Get out Named bot will leave the vehicle they are in
<Bot name> Taunt Named bot will taunt opponents
<bot name> gimme Specified bot will drop his weapon for you to collect.

Unlock all three secret characters without cheating

To unlock all three secret characters without cheating, you need to beat the game on three different difficulty settings. It doesn’t matter which difficulty they are as long as they are different, because if you beat the game twice on the same difficulty setting, you don’t get anything.

Unlockable How to Unlock
ClanLord Beat the game on any difficulty setting except for the one used to unlock Malcolm
Malcolm Beat the game on any difficulty setting
Xan Beat the game on any difficulty setting except for the ones used to unlock Malcolm and ClanLord


Bonus info on Epic

While playing through the Single Player mode of the game, click on the Details (at the bottom). Now, at the top of the screen, there is a bar with three tabs on it. If you go to the Other Tournament Matches tab, one of the matches will be Epic Games Inc. vs. ____ (ie, Epic vs. The Corrupt). If you right click on Epic Games Inc., a sub menu will pop up with Team details. If you click on that, a small window will pop up with some information on the history of Epic.

Gorgeous Gorge Fan

For Level Developers:

In Unreal Editor, open up the static mesh package “cf_DE”.

Look for “cf_EasterEgg”

Click it, and you will see a guy in spandex wearing a t-shirt bearing a picture of Gorge and the words “GORGEOUS GORGE”