Europe Universalis 2 Cheats

Various Codes

When in game press F12, type the cheat, press enter and then press ctrl + F12 to close the window.

Code Effect
swift 10000 People added to capitol
pocahontas 6 Colonists
vatican 6 Diplomats
dagama 6 Traders
richelieu Allows you to control all armies in the world (Toggle ON/OFF)
event 99035 Army investement +5000
event 99026 Better relations with ten nations
robespierre Change domestic policy at any time
event 94003 Conversion of a random province to your state religion
event 94030 Free Manufactory in a random province
event 99044 Gain +4 manpower
event 99040 Gain 40 warships
event 99038 Gain 40000 infantry and 160 artillery
event 94029 Gain a Conquistador and 2 colonists
event 94070 Gain an Explorer and 2 colonists
montezuma Give +50000 ducats
event 99070 Improved forts in 8 provinces
event 94013 Increased monarch stats
peterthegreat Infinite troops/ships
event 99086 More tax in four random provinces
event 99036 Navy investement +5000
columbus Reveal the whole map
oranje Sets Stability to +3
alba Toggles revolts on and off.

Europe Universalis 3 Cheats

Cheat Codes

While ingame, hit ยง (the key under ESC for some ppl), ALT+21 on the numpad to access the console.
You can now use the following codes, has to be case sensitive:

Code Effect
colonist Colonists added!
diplomat Diplomats added!
fow off Fog Of War turned off.
fow on Fog Of War turned on
prestige Glory to us!
merchant Merchants added!
missionary Missionaries added!
die native Natives are now attacking
cash Now we have cash
pirate Pirates now roam
discover (Province ID) Province type discovered.
undiscover (Province ID) Province type undiscovered.
revolt (Province ID) Revolt created.
spy Spies added!
stability Stability for the People!
fullscreen Toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode

Create Events

1)Open up the dialog screen by pressing “alt 21” during the game
2)In the dialog bar type: event ####
*Given event numbers can be found in C:\..\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis III\Events folder; find the one you like.

Code Effect
event 1054 Become an Elector
event 5057 Build Fortification
event 6418 Bumper Year ( get 100,000 manpower)
event 1004 English nation can be formed
event 5025 Excellent diplomacy
event 5096 Foreign bribe offered
event 1007 Germany can be formed
event 1075 Invest in Army
event 1076 Invest in Navy
event 1010 Ireland can be formed
event 1006 Italy can be formed
event 1091 Join Hanseatic league
event 1051 Join Holy Roman Empire
event 1052 Leave Holy Roman Empire
event 4011 Military reform
event 1002 Netherlands can be formed
event 5073 New land Claimed
event 2004 Prov. goes Catholic to Protestant
event 5022 Rush of Colonists (3)
event 1001 Russian Nation can be formed
event 1003 Spanish nation can be formed
event 1063 Treasury empty (can be good!)

Invest Cheat

Type “invest” plus “type of tech” plus “amount of cash”. I.e. “invest land_tech 20000” = $20,000 invested in land lechnology

Code Effect
advisor_arrived_tech (insert number) of cash invested in advisory
land_tech (insert number) of cash invested in and technology
country_morale_tech (insert number) of cash invested in country morale
current_tech (insert number) of cash invested in curren technology
government_tech (insert number) of cash invested in government technology
ledger_goverment_tech (insert number) of cash invested in ledger government
ledger_naval_tech (insert number) of cash invested in ledger naval
ledger_production_tech (insert number) of cash invested in ledger production
naval_tech (insert number) of cash invested in naval technology
production_tech (insert number) of cash invested in production technology
trade_tech (insert number) of cash invested in trade technology

Europe Universalis 4 Cheats

Command Code

Press ~ for the command box to come up and then type the codes below

Code Effect
add_cb [<casus belli tag>] [<target country tag>] Add casus belli against target country. MOHAHAHA i dont like you. WAAARRR!!
add_core [<Province ID>] Add core
add_natives [<ProvinceID>] [<Amount>] Add natives to given province
add_opinion [<Country tag>] Add opinion to/from tag
add_pi [<Country tag>] Add papal influence to tag
add_pa [<Country tag>] Add patriach authority to tag
add_reformlevel [<Amount>] Add reform level to the empire
add_interest [<Country tag>] Add specified country tag to your interest
stability Add’s Stability
add_colonist [<Country tag>] Adds a colonist to a country
add_heir [<Target Country Tag>] Adds a heir of a tag eg: add_heir 51
add_missionary [<Country tag>] Adds a missionary to a country
add_diplo Adds diplomatic entroute
morehumans [number] Adds more humans
piety Adds Piety
population [<ProvinceID>] [<Amount>] Adds population to a province.
prestige Adds Prestige
power [<stability/tech_table_key/idea_key>] Adds the specified idea group
add_idea_group [<Idea group key>] Adds the specified idea group
annex [<Target Country Tag>] Begin annex/annexes the specified tag
integrate [<Target Country Tag>] Begin integrate/integrates the specified tag
controll [<Province ID>] Change controller
mapmode [Mapmode type (int)] Change mapmode.
own [<Province ID>] Change ownership
nextsong Changes the currently playing soundtrack.
clear Clears the console. Nope i didn’t cheat
savegame Creates an savefile.
discover [<Target Country Tag>] Discover capital of target tag
helphelp Double Rainbow help from an unicorn
selflearningai Enables/Disables Self-Learning AI enable make AI smarter
event [event id] [<Target Country Tag>] Executes an event eg: event 3041 51
manpower (Insert Number) Extra Manpower
Cash (Insert Number) Extra Money
fow off Fog of War turned off !
fow on Fog of War turned on !
poll force Polls valid Events
adm [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] Get administrative power. the rules administration improve
dip [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] Get diplomatic power
mil [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] Get military power
powerpoints [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] Get power in all powers
winwars Gives max war score in all wars for the country
nudge Go to the nudge tool
combatsound How often does the combat view give a random sound? 0-50 0 the lowest 50 the highest
imperial_authority [VALUE] Increase your Imperial Authority
kill_cardinal Kills the first cardinal in the list
kill_heir [<Target Country Tag>] Kills the heir of a tag eg: kill_heir 51
die(kill) [<Target Country Tag>] Kills the monarch of a tag eg: kill 51
oos Make the client go oos
prices Price Info. recorded on the gamelog in Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\logs
help [command name] Print out all console commands or a specific command description.
memory Prints out the used memory
balance Region Balance output.
reloadinterface Reloads the entire interface usefull when you play for a long time, to avoid laggyness
reload [VAR] Reloads the gui (reload gui) or lua file (reload lua) type
remove_cb [<casus belli tag>] [<target country tag>] Remove casus belli from target country. you had dust on your shoulder. Dont worry
remove_core [<Province ID>] Remove core
remove_interest [<Country tag>] Removes specified country tag from your interest
remove_defender_faith Removes the defender of the Faith for the players religion
requestgamestate Requests the gamestate from host
score Score output.
legitimacy [<AMOUNT>] Set the legitimacy of the ruler
spritelevel [<Sprite level>] Sets a forced sprite level. Specify no argument to reset.
setmissionaryprogress [<ProvinceID>] [<Amount>] Sets the missionary progress for a province.
papvotes Shows all votes for a cardinal in the tooltip of his name
IP Shows your IP
pirate [<Province ID>] Starts a Pirate in a province
revolt [<Province ID>] Starts a Revolt in a province
tag [<Country tag>] Switch tag to another country
observe(spectator) Switches to play no country at all, and no longer shows messages or pauses the game
testmission [<Mission Name>] Tests a mission without triggering it
testevent [<Event ID>] [<Character ID>] Tests an event without triggering it
aiview Toggles additional AI info
yesman Toggles AI positive responses for everything Yes!
msg Toggles all messages popup
collision(debug_collision) Toggles debug display of normals/bounding boxes/collision
fullscreen Toggles fullscreen
ti(debug_ti) Toggles Terra Incognita on/off
nopausetext Toggles the pausebanner for nicer screenshots.
fow(debug_fow) [<Province ID> OPTIONAL] Turns off fog of war in a province or in general
validateevents Validates all events without triggering it
vassalize [<Target Country Tag>] Vassalize the specified tag
time W00t What time is it? i play too much
siege [<Province ID>] Wins the siege in the specified province